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The Stu Erwin Show (also known as Trouble with Father) is an American sitcom which aired on ABC from 1950 to 1955. Only four of the series’ five seasons on the network included new episodes; the 1953–54 season consisted entirely of reruns.

The series stars Stuart Erwin and real-life wife June Collyer. Ann E. Todd and Sheila James portray the couple's fictional daughters (Merry Anders replaced Ann Todd in the final season). One notable aspect of the show was that it featured a black actor Willie Best in a regular supporting role.

Predating modern single-camera sitcoms, The Stu Erwin Show originally aired without a laugh track (one was added in its final season), and each episode was around 26 minutes long, without commercials. During its original network run on ABC, it was sponsored by General Mills (1950–54), Paper Mate (1953-'54) and Liggett & Myers (1954–55).


The Exchange

Springtime For Father

Youth It's Wonderful

Thank You Mr Jarvis

Roughing It

Pearl Necklace

In A Pickle

Leave It To Stu

Many Happy Returns

June Back In School

Hate The Sofa

French InFluence

Dr IQ Erwin

Big Game

Father's Pet



Father Gets Into Act

Black Saturday

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