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Racing through time complete series

The Racing years complete series

The Racing Years is the ultimate race-by-race, week-by-week, month-by-month summary of all the major international motor

sports events and legends. Travel with us from Continent to Continent as we revisit the excitement, glory, crashes, close-calls,

heartaches and milestones from the early days of motor racing to now. Each half hour episode covers one Racing Year of major

motoring milestones

Amazing World of Automobiles complete series

Presenting to you an in-depth programme about the most incredible, inspiring and varied mode of transport: the automobile.

From the very early years and first developments through to the most powerful & technologically advanced vehicles of modern

day, this is a fascinating look at the history of the car.

Amazing World of Aviation complete series

When the Wright brothers successfully took to the sky in 1903, the world paid attention. Civil aviation is now a multi-billion dollar

industry capable of transporting passengers from anywhere, every hour of every day. This series covers both historical and modern

day aeronautical achievements, as well as looking to the future of aviation. 

Sea Power complete series

A chronicle of naval vessels from yesteryear through to modern day — an extraordinary view from above the water and below.

Discover how Liberty Ships were constructed, the development of Aircraft Carriers and how the invention of Sonar affected

submarine warfare. It’s all here in Sea Power

Amazing World of war Machines complete series

From gunpowder to the Gatling gun, the first Tank to the latest unmanned drones, we review the mechanisms and machinery

man has created to wage war. Historical achievements through to modern day technologies are reviewed as we travel Land, Sea

and Air in our in-depth documentary on war machines

Hot Rods and Mean Machines

Strap yourself in for a fuel-injected ride with the biggest, loudest, most expensive and outrageous vehicles on and off the road.

From muscle to custom, Hot Rods and Mean Machines uncovers the turbo charged world of outrageously modified vehicles.

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Flying through Time complete series.

Discover the excitement of flying as we reveal the most remarkable aircraft ever built and the aeronautical advancements that

shaped flying history in Flying Through Time. Audiences will marvel at historic airships, be wowed by war planes and delight at

luxury jetliners.

Classic Cars complete series

Magical world of Trains.

In this special one-hour feature we cover train travel and train-spotting, great trains of the world and the future of locomotion.

A globally appropriate programme filled with interesting trivia and facts, The Magical World of Trains will engage all audiences

and take them on an entertaining ride!

Autofiles complete series

This historic collection covers every aspect of motor racing for the most astute enthusiast. We feature the greatest Drivers

(13 x 30’) and the famous Cars & Teams (13 x 30’) from the pre-modern era.