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Stories of the Century is a 39-episode Western television series starring Jim Davis that ran in syndication through Republic Pictures between 1954 and 1955.

Jim Davis, who later played Jock Ewing on the CBS series Dallas, portrayed the role of fictitious Southwest Railroad detective Matt Clark. Davis also narrated each episode. Mary Castle co-starred in twenty-six episodes as Clark's attractive assistant, Frankie Adams. Castle left the program and was replaced by Kristine Miller who appeared in thirteen episodes as Margaret Jones, or "Jonesy"

Sam Bass

Belle Star


The Dalton Gang

Joaquin Murietta

Henry Plummer

The Wild Bunch

Billy The Kid

Cattle Kate

Tiburcio Vasquez

Doc Holliday

Chief Crazy Horse


Bill Longley

The Doolin Gang

Quantrill & His Raiders

Frank and Jesse James

Johnny Ringo

The Younger Gang

Black Bart

Harry Tracy

Black Jack Ketchum

Little Britches

Clay Allison

Kate Bender

Nate Champion

Jim Courtright

LH Musgrove

Tom Horn

Apache Kid

Augustine Chacon

Sontag and Evans

Milt Sharp

John Wesley Harding

Ben Thompson

Tom Bell

Cherokee Bill

Rube Burrows

Jack Slade

Burt Alvord

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