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Medic was an American medical drama that aired on NBC beginning in 1954. Medic was television's first doctor drama to focus attention on medical procedures.

Created by its principal writer James E. Moser, Medic tried to create realism (City Hospital and The Doctor had not) which would typify medical shows from then on. Moser had previously written for the radio shows Dragnet and Dr. Kildare.

Medic episodes were introduced and narrated by Richard Boone, playing Dr. Konrad Styner who sometimes also appeared in the stories. Fifty-nine segments aired from September 1954 to November 1956.

The series was introduced each week by theme music written by Victor Young. Eventually, with lyrics added by Edward Heyman, the song became popular under the title "Blue Star."

I Climb Stairs

All Our Mothers All Our Fathers

Awake Unto Spring

Time For Sleep

Wild Intruder

Time To Be Alive

To The Great A Most Seldom Gift

Vagrant Heart

Walk With Lions

When Mama Says Jump

White Is The Color

Til The Song Is Done

The World So High

Red Christmas

The Inconstant Heart

Search For Truth

She Walks In Beauty

Reach Of A Giant Part 1

Reach of A Giant Part 2

Laughter is a Boy

A New Life

Pray Judgement

Mercy Wears An Apron

Physician Heal Thyself

Never Comes Sunday

My Friend Albert

My Brother Joe

My Child's Keeper

Laughter and Weeping

If Tomorrow Be Sad

Just Like Father


The Good Samaritan

Glass of Fear

Break Through The Bars

Boy In A Storm

And Then The Darkness Part 1

Breath of Life

And Then The Darkness Part 2

Candle of Hope

Death Is A Red Balloon

Don't Count Stars

Dr Impossible

Flash of Darkness

General Practitioner

All Lonely Nights

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