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Edgar Livingston Kennedy (April 26, 1890 – November 9, 1948) was an American comedic character actor who appeared in at least 500 films during the silent and sound eras. Professionally, he was known as "Slow Burn", owing to his ability to portray on screen characters whose anger slowly rises in frustrating situations. Kennedy in many of his roles used exasperated facial expressions, performed very deliberately, to convey his rising anger or "burn", often rubbing his hand over his bald head and across his face in an effort to control his temper. One memorable example of his slow-burn comedy technique can be seen in the 1933 Marx Brothers' film Duck Soup in which he plays a sidewalk lemonade vendor who is harassed and increasingly provoked by Harpo and Chico.

A Pair of Tights

Bad Housekeeping

Cooks and Crooks

Fish Feathers

Heart Burn

Indian Signs

Merchant of Menace

Mother In Law's Birthday

Parlour Bedroom and Wrath

Social Terrors

The Kitchen Cynic

Love Your Landlord

A Quiet Fourth

Flirting With Danger

It's Your Move

Mutiny In 

The County

Next Door Neighbors

Radio Rampage

The Other Fellow

Wrong Direction

Hold Your Temper

Feather Your Nest

Drafted In  The Depot

A Trailer Tragedy

Brick A Brack

Dumb's The Word


Host To The Ghost

Inferior Decorators

Morning Judge

No More 


Private Snuffy 


South Seasickness

The Other Fellow

The Hillbilly Goat

A Clean Sweep

I'll Build It Myself

Kennedy The Great

Never The Twins Shall Meet

Motor Maniac

Rough On Rents

What No Cigarettes

You Drive Me Crazy

Help Wanted Female

Edgar Hamlet

Beaux and Errors

An Apple In His Eye

Art in The Raw

Do or Diet

Ears of Experience

Grin and Bear It

In Laws Are Out

Love on a Ladder

Noisey Neighbors



Slightly At 


Spot on The Rug

Westward Ho Hum

Sunk By The Census

A Blasted Event

In Love At 40

Mad About Moonshine



Quiet Please

The Big Beef

Will Power

I'll Fix It

Good Housewrecking

Duck Soup

Baby Daze

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