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Cowboy G-Men - 20 Classic Episodes

Russell Hayden and former child actor Jackie Coogan star as Pat Gallagher and Stoney Crockett, respectively, a pair of government agents operating in the American West in the 1870s.[1] Television actor Phil Arnold portrayed Zerbo, a sometimes associate of Gallagher and Crockett. Gallagher typically was undercover as a ranch hand, while Crockett took the role of a wrangler.[2]

Cowboy G-Men was based on a story by Henry B. Donovan and featured the writing of such western fiction authors as Todhunter Ballard.

Unusually for its time, the series was filmed in color; however, it appears that only black-and-white prints have ever been aired on television.

Episode 2

Episode 5

Episode 8

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Episode 20

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