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Captain Z-RO

24 classic episodes

Captain Z-Ro (pronounced "zero" About this sound Audio (US) (help·info)) is an American children's television show that ran locally on KRON in San Francisco and KTTV in Los Angeles, from November 1951 through 1953, and was later nationally syndicated in the United States, beginning Dec. 18, 1955 and ending its run of original episodes on June 10, 1956. It remained in syndication until 1960. Modelled on the science fiction space operas popular at the time (cf. Captain Video and Space Patrol), it featured sets and costumes emulating the futuristic designs of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon

Ghengis Khan

King Alfred

Ferdinand Magellan

Washington and Howe

Leonardo Da Vinci

Great Pyramid

Molly Pitcher

Aztec Papers

Hernando Cortez

Daniel Boone

Discovery of Gold

William Tell

Pony Express


Moon Glow

Benedict Arnold

King John

William The Conqueror

Christopher Columbus


Robin Hood

Marco Polo

Robert The Robert

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